A KENNEL boss has admitted a string of animal-related offences.

Loretta Bastin, who runs Runwell Kennels in Meadow Lane, Wickford, pleaded guilty to offences, including overbreeding a dog and accepting animals on the premises which were not been properly vaccinated.

Bastin, who has previously been in court in connection with selling sick dogs imported from unlicensed Irish puppy farms, was given an 18-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £1,800 costs.

At Witham Magistrates’ Court, she admitted overbreeding a Pomeranian bitch, making it give birth to a second litter of puppies within 12 months.

Offences also included: l Failure to microchip a litter of puppies l Failure to keep vaccination records for 18 bitches and four stud dogs.

l Allowing puppies on the premises, without the required veterinary certificates l Failure to keep a record for a litter of Yorkshire terriers l Not maintaining a required livestock register detailing the breeders and suppliers of each animal with purchase dates and receipts.

The Chelmsford Council prosecution followed several inspections at the kennels, also known as Dobe Farm, last year.

It is not illegal to import dogs from Ireland, but the council warned consumers against it.

Laura Ketley, council spokeswoman, said: “We have worked with the RSPCA, and it is clear the importation of puppies from unlicensed breeders outside the UK is undesirable, and gives the puppy a poor start in life.

“There is no guarantee they have been weaned properly, and if suddenly taken from their mother and subjected to a long journey, they are very likely to be stressed.

“If any puppy was incubating the parvovirus [a contagious infection spread from dog to dog through exposure to faeces] it may not manifest itself until the puppy has moved to their new home.

“However, at the point of sale, the puppy may still look perfectly healthy.”

The Echo called Runwell Kennels, but a woman who answered said Bastin was unavailable for comment.