FED-up residents are handing over a petition calling for the removal of a multi-use games area which they claim is attracting yobs.

People living in streets surrounding Kismet Park at the far end of Eastern Esplanade, Canvey, claim the Adizone was installed without any public consultation.

They are handing the petition to ruling Tory Castle Point councillors tomorrow.

The £150,000 cost of play and fitness equipment, designed to help teenagers and adults keep fit, was paid for by Adidas and the Veolia ES Pitsea Cleanaway Marshes Trust.

Residents say it attracts teenage vandals, who hang around from early evening to about 2am, drinking alcohol, throwing stones and causing trouble.

Lea Swann, 55, of nearby Eastern Esplanade, said: “If they’d consulted residents they would have known Kismet has a history with troublemakers, who are now being attracted to the Adizone.

“It’s a shame, because it’s a great sporting facility.

“I would like to exercise there if it was in a more suitable location.”

Another resident, who refused to be identified, added: “The kids are often there until 2am, drinking and smashing things up. The Adizone is attracting trouble, and we don’t want it here.”

Residents are also angry the budget has been slashed from £80,000 to £20,000 to renovate Kismet Park’s children’s playground, which has become increasingly run down in recent years.

They believe Castle Point Council cut the spending because it installed the Adizone – but pointed out the new facility is only designed for teenagers and adults, not young children.

They would like the Adizone moved to Labworth Park, off Canvey seafront, where there are better parking facilities.

It was originally planned for the Hadleigh Memorial Ground, in Chapel Lane.

Canvey independent councillor Anne Wood said: “I hope the council leaders take this petition seriously, but I fear they won’t.

“I’ve had constant calls from residents, complaining about teenagers smashing bottles, throwing stones, and throwing eggs at people’s windows.”

Council chief executive David Marchant said: “We have not received any complaints about Adizone. In fact, the feedback has generally been very positive.

“It is an excellent facility that has been provided at no cost to the community, and is a benefit of Castle Point’s involvement in the 2012 Olympic Games. Our feedback shows it is being used by children and adults as a form of exercise and recreation.”