FURIOUS residents want a care home for delinquent juveniles shut down.

Householders in Maurice Road, Canvey, claim they have endured swearing, late-night music and intimidating behaviour, since the youngsters moved in two weeks ago.

The home is run by a private firm on behalf of Essex County Council to house “vulnerable young people” from across the county.

The council would not confirm if some of the youngsters had been convicted, or were on bail, but neighbours claim they have spotted some wearing tags.

Mark Bramall, 33, who lives nearby, said: “We only found out when the police cars started turning up two weeks ago.

“They’ve been coming and going almost every day since.

“They’re mostly teenagers and I’ve seen some with tags.

“They’ve been shouting, swearing and intimidating people.

“A lot of residents are too scared to come out into their gardens.

“The language is just disgusting.”

Matters came to a head last Saturday night when police and paramedics were called following reports one of the juveniles had trashed the house.

Mr Bramall said: “It was absolute carnage. We could just hear someone going psycho.

“Everything was getting smashed up. There was shouting and screaming. There were about ten police in the street and paramedics. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Police confirmed a 17-year-old was arrested and charged with criminal damage.

He is set to appear in Basildon Youth Court on Tuesday.

The care home houses four juveniles and it is staffed 24-hours a day by a warden.

Angry residents also want to know why they were not informed before it opened.

One man, who did not want to be named for fear of reprisals, said: “We haven’t been told anything. Shouldn’t we know what sort of people are in our street?

“It’s a quiet street with mainly elderly people and families. We’ve never had any trouble before.”

Mr Bramall added: “We don’t want it quietening down or anything. We want it closed. This was a nice place to live until that hostel turned up.”

Nicola Spicer, a spokeswoman for the council said: “Maurice House is run by an independent management service, contracted by Essex County Council to provide accommodation to vulnerable young people in Essex.

"All neighbouring properties were informed, by letter, about the change of use of Maurice House and were provided with information and contact numbers should they have any concerns.

The management service is in contact with neighbours and this dialogue in ongoing.”