URGENT repairs to Canvey’s old seafront paddling pool, recommended nearly two years ago, have still not been completed.

A report by NPS Group Property Consultants, compiled in August 2008, outlined six health and safety hazards that should be addressed as a “matter of urgency”.

But although much of the work has now been carried out, a rock shelf at the northern end of the pool and a 1.8 metre drop from the eastern side of the pool are still there, despite criticisms from the consultants.

The pool is threatened with closure after councillors voted it was too dangerous to keep open, based partly on the information in the consultants’ report. Since then, two more reports have been commissioned, including one by a working party of councillors from Castle Point Council and Canvey Town Council.

Colin Letchford, 62, of Maurice Road, Canvey, has been campaigning hard to keep the pool open.

He said: “These things should have been addressed in 2008.

“They have spent all this money on all these reports, why not spend the money putting things right?”

Exposed metal spikes sticking out of the wall on the southern side of the pool were only removed earlier this year, but it is not clear whether this was carried out by Castle Point Council, which has responsibility for the pool.

Gaps between concrete on top of the wall around the pool were filled in temporarily only last month.

Rusty posts to the northern and southern end of the pool have been removed.

But the council’s contract monitoring officer Andrew Roby Smith said it was impossible to get rid of the 1.8 metre drop and the rock shelf.

He said: “The council has taken steps to mitigate the health and safety risks identified in the consultant’s report, but it was considered to introduce a handrail to guard against falls would actually increase risks because children would probably climb on to the handrail and the drop height would be made even greater.

“Action to reduce the drop height would necessitate removing the retaining wall which would render the pool unusable.

“We will continue to carry out regular health and safety inspections during the holiday period. This would allow the pool to remain open and we’ll react to any health and safety issues which arise while discussions continue with the town council to try to secure a future for this much loved local seaside feature.”