A TINY dog's spine was broken and its lung punctured when it was savaged by a Staffordshire bull terrier.

Valerie Nutley said she has been left devastated and unable to even eat or sleep since the horrific incident.

Her two-year-old miniature Yorkshire terrier Tyson remains on a drip following treatment to his injuries.

Mrs Nutley, who is in her forties, of Dencourt Crescent, Pitsea, said: “It was awful, there was blood everywhere. This dog just had Tyson in its teeth and was shaking him about like a rag doll.”

Mrs Nutley was with her mum Joy and grandson Callum, four, at the Dunton boot fair, in Dunton Road, Dunton, when the attack happened.

The trio were walking along when they noticed a couple walking towards them with a white Staffordshire bull terrier on a lead.

Mrs Nutley said she remarked to the couple that the Staffie looked like her daughter’s dog and it was then, without warning, that the dog broke free from its leash and came bounding towards them. Mrs Nutley said: “He just got Tyson by the back and was shaking him. I was screaming and there was blood splattering about.”

Four men freed stricken Tyson and a stallholder helped wrap him in a towel. But as the tiny hound lay in Mrs Nutley’s arms pouring with blood, the owners of the Staffie just left.

Mrs Nutley added: “These people didn’t apologise or anything they just walked away, but if they’ve got a dog like that at home it’s only a matter of time before he does it again.”

Roger Grimwade, spokesman for Essex Police, said: “Officers attended the scene, but the owners of the dog had already been asked to leave by boot fair organisers.”

The man and woman with the dog are both described as white and in their thirties. The man was of an athletic build and wore a white T-shirt with blue jeans. His girlfriend had blonde hair in a pony tail and wore a white vest with cut-off denim shorts.