A CLAMPING company is threatening to block an MP’s drive because of his opposition to their tactics.

An employee of LBS Enforcement, based in Westcliff, has said they will target Rayleigh Tory MP Mark Francois and accused him and Rochford and Southend East MP James Duddridge of “condoning motorists who park where they like”.

Both MPs have spoken in the past against LBS, which has been clamping motorists across south Essex for more than 18 months.

The claims were made in comments beneath a story on the Echo website about the company using a VAT number belonging to Barclays Bank.

It is the first time LBS has broken its silence since the Echo revealed its had 19 outstanding county court judgements against it from drivers worth almost £14,000.

The employee, who calls himself “Sir Liftolot”, from Southend, accused the Echo of running a “hate campaign” against them and writing “untrue” stories.

He writes: “Mr Francois and his crony mate Mr Duddridge are basically condoning motorists that park on private land, or park where they like.

“This means you, the constituent, will not be able to stop anyone parking their car on your land and walking off to do their shopping.

“We plan on parking some cars on Mr Francois’s front drive and leaving them there for a day.

“I don’t think he will be too amused, much like his rate-paying landowners. Watch this space.”

When the Echo contacted LBS, the company confirmed one of its employees had written the comments on the Echo website.

Mr Francois said: “I have seen the comments in question and I have discussed them briefly with my colleague James Duddridge. We both take the view we are not going to be put off serving our constituents by some comments posted on a website.”

Mr Francois said he and Mr Duddridge were focusing on bringing forward regulations to create a licensing scheme for car clamping companies and an appeals system for people who feel they have been clamped unfairly or overcharged.