PLACES like Basildon, Rochford and Castle Point are missing out on much-needed funding for pothole repairs, according to a prospective councillor.

Kerry Smith, the UKIP candidate for the upcoming Nethermayne by-election in Basildon, says Essex County Council is channelling more funds into patching up holes in “posh” districts and leaving more densely populated areas riddled with gaping crevasses.

Mr Smith, who is hoping to win the local council election on July 22, asked for a breakdown of exactly how much county hall spent on potholes repairs in each district.

Under the Freedom of Information Act he found £3.2million was spent on ridding roads of potholes in Basildon, £1.4million in Castle Point and £1.4 million in Rochford.

In comparison £3.4million was shelled out in Chelmsford, £3.7million in Epping Forest and £2.63million in Uttlesford. However, Mr Smith said if you break these down by population, Basildon fares the worst, with just £19.37 spent per head on pothole repairs.

Mr Smith said: “I am shocked Essex County Council has left Basildon with some of the worst roads in the county.”

Norman Hume, councillor responsible for for roads and transport, said: “Essex County Council takes a great amount of time and effort to ensure highways maintenance budgets are distributed fairly across the county.

“Allocations per district are calculated by length of road and population density, as well as condition surveys which are carried out annually to identify areas with the greatest need.

“Road length needs to be taken into account. It would be wrong to suggest certain parts of the county are favoured over others.”