A DAD is calling for dogs to be banned from play areas in parks after his son was bitten by a Staffordshire bull terrier in Basildon.

Steven Evans is calling for action after his 13-year-old son, Dean, was attacked by a Staff at Holy Cross Recreation Ground, in Church Road.

Dean, a pupil at De La Salle School in Basildon, was left with a bleeding cut and bitemark to his leg after the dog came up to him while he was with friends within the fenced-off play area The youngster ran home to tell his parents following the incident, on Wednesday afternoon.

Mr Evans, 33, of Dunning Drive, Basildon, said: “He came running in with his leg bleeding. He was really shaken up.

“He had been with his friends, sitting on a roundabout when the dog started chasing them round and round, eventually biting his leg.

“Luckily it wasn’t too bad, but if it had been a young child the injury could have been severe.

“We called the police, but they just weren’t interested.

“I’ve heard of loads of dog attacks on people and other dogs happening across Basildon lately.”

Mr Evans believes dogs should be banned from anywhere children play.

He added: “I have dogs myself, and I always muzzle them when I take them out.

“I think they shouldn’t be allowed in play areas of parks – there’s no reason for them to be there.”

Malcolm Buckley, Basildon councillor responsible for the enivironment, said: “We do have powers in reserve to ban dogs from certain places, but unfortunately it’s not as easy as people think to put into action.

“It’s something we could think about in the future though, if enough people asked for it.”

Dean Evans added: “I was really scared. I’m just glad the dog didn’t do any more harm.”