HUMAN dynamos are being sought for an eco-friendly challenge to light up a stage using pedal power.

Arts group Metal wants to hear from people who can pedal a static bike for 30 minutes or an hour, for next week’s Big Charge event in Chalkwell Park.

Pedalling these bikes will charge a special battery which in turn will power the Green Stage at the forthcoming Village Green event in the park.

Between 8am to 8pm, from Monday until next Friday, riders are urged to come along with their friends, colleagues and families.

A mammoth 500 cycle hours are needed to complete the Big Charge and volunteers are asked to pedal in groups of ten.

There are prizes in different categories for those who pedal the most.

Southend’s councillor for culture, Derek Jarvis, said: “The Big Charge is a really exciting challenge and we believe it is the first time that Cycle power has been generated, captured and stored to power a stage like this.

“We are delighted that Cycle Southend and Metal are working so successfully together to deliver this initiative, and very strongly urge as many people as possible to sign up and join in.”

Village Green, a free arts festival organised by Metal, takes place for the third year running on Saturday, September 25.

To get involved, email:, or call 01702 470700.