LINDA King is the founder of Angel Wigs. According to many women who have lost their hair because of illness, she really is an angel.

Linda, from Canvey, has been a hairdresser all her working life and for thirty years owned a salon on the island.

She also has a Master Craftsman of Hairdressing award, issued by the Hairdressing Council.

The vocation led her on to wig fitting and selling. Linda became so passionate about this line of her work she came out of semi-retirement almost four years ago to start her wig company.

Now Linda is renowned in the industry for her professionalism and innovative mind, always seeking the best of products for her clients.

She works from her studio in Furtherwick Road, Canvey, and travels all over the UK and Europe looking for the best products at affordable prices.

She said: “I want to help choose the right piece for my customers without any pressure, just patience and understanding.

“As an experienced hair stylist I can also colour and style match your own hair to the piece if desired.”

Consultations at the salon are completely free. There is a private dressing room large enough to house some guests for support, should customers need feel they need it.

Linda also goes the extra mile by carrying out home visits as well as out of hours appointments, understanding how sensitive a subject hair problems can be for some women.

Linda said: “There’s absolutely no need to feel embarrassed or nervous. I’ve seen it all and usually have my ladies skipping out of the salon with delight and new vigour for life.

“Whatever the reason they are looking for an alternative hair product, we are confident we can answer their hair prayer.”

Customers’ testimonials fill her website, at One customer said: “I’ve had thinning hair since my mid thirties, finding it very distressing but could not get the courage up to enter a wig shop.

“My husband saw an advert for Angel Wigs and literally pushed me through the door. Best thing he ever did for me.”

Although a large majority of Linda’s clientele make up women who may be ill, or have conditions such as alopecia or thinning hair, customers also know to turn to her for the very latest in alternative hair enhancement, such as clip-on and clip-in pieces.

Linda added: “These sorts of things are perfect for parties and special events. With Christmas coming up people want something glamourous for all the parties they’ll be attending.

“If customers don’t see what you want, we will get it in for them.”

Not only are there wigs, but also toppers – these are items favoured by many, because they are not a full wig.

There are also great clip-in pieces to glamourise a style for those who like the Katie Price look, or clip-in fringes, bump-ups and clip-in extensions that add volume and length.

The latest clip-in extensions are sold in both synthetic and a product called Tru 2 Life fibre, which can be re-styled and is said to be better than real hair!

“I wish I had done this ten years ago”, said Linda, “I get such fulfilment with this work, helping those in need and making my girls look beautiful.”

l For further information call Linda on 01268 515715 or 07518 135 617.