A DOG believed to have been stolen is back with its family after it was spotted living in another house around the corner.

Rolo, an 11-week-old brown and tan dachshund puppy, is believed to have been taken from the family home in Newington Close, Southend.

But now she’s back after a family friend went along to get the dog home after police said it was not a priority.

Rolo’s owner, Caroline Carter, 22, said: “We are all so happy she’s back with us and when I saw her it was such a relief. I felt a weight lift off of my shoulders.”

The dog was taken between 10.15pm last Saturday and 7.50am on Sunday.

It is thought the thieves opened an unlocked back door during the night and stole the pup, which is worth around £600.

Following a plea for help, the family received an anonymous tip-off from a person who told them the address of where tiny Rolo could be found.

Caroline, a mum-of-two, added: “When we got the phone call from the person telling us where the dog was living, it was just around the corner from us.

“We informed the police about the update, but they said it was not a priority. I was desperate to get Rolo back and one of my friends said he would go round and get her back for us.

“He did it in the right way. He just went to the house and said to the owners, ‘I believe you have my neighbour’s dog and I would like to take her back to them’.

“He was told Rolo was found in a cardboard box and she was going to return her.

“She seems to be all right and she is back to her old self.

“My daughter, Katie, is so happy right now. She is cuddling her and walking round the house with her.”

A spokesman for Essex Police said: “We are pleased Rolo is back with her family. We are continuing to investigate the incident and we are still appealing for more information.”

Anyone with information can call PC Chris Daves at Shoebury police station on 0300 3334444.