KENNELS are being inundated with Staffordshire bull terriers.

The owner of Acres Way Kennels in Great Birches, Thundersley, said she currently has 20 staffies waiting for homes, making up some two-thirds of all dogs there.

Sue Clarkson said she has been overwhelmed with the breed during the past four years, and is struggling to find them new owners.

She is trying to set up a charity to pay for the dogs to be neutered, as many people cannot afford the operation.

Mrs Clarkson, who takes stray dogs from across Castle Point and Basildon, said: “It’s been like this for the last three or four years.

“Last year was bad and we’ve just reached crisis point. I think it’s the fad at the moment, people want hard, aggressive dogs, but then can’t look after them. Neutering a male dog costs roughly £60 at the vets, while to spay a bitch costs about £70.

Mrs Clarkson is trying to raise funds to perform the operation on the animals she receives.

She needs to raise £5,000 to register the charity, which will be called Friends of Acres Way Kennels.

Once it is registered it will be able to access more funding from other organisations, such as the Kennel Club.

Students from Seevic College raised £800 from a sponsored walk. The students, who suffer from learning disabilities, regularly help out at the kennels as part of their essential skills course.