AN estate plagued by antisocial behaviour is improving with a raft of tough measures, including an alcohol ban and better lights in alleyways frequented by youths.

Residents on the Four Rivers Estate, Shoebury, are reaping the rewards thanks to work by South Essex Homes and Southend Council.

The most recent initiative has been the introduction of a booze ban to stop people drinking from cans in the streets following, a petition by residents.

The work began with a survey three years ago where residents revealed their main concern was large groups of initimidating youngsters.

This has prompted an attempt to remove the problem on the estate by discouraging teens from congregating in the alleyway off Avon Way.

Pink lights have been installed to highlight the area and put them off.

A fence was also put in to prevent the alley being used for noisy football games.

The latest response will see nightmare neighbour Debbie Howard evicted from her home in Chelmer Way, within the next two weeks.

She has been making life a misery for nearby residents by having raucous parties at all hours of the night, prompting endless complaints to estate’s management.

Paul Davey, tenancy services manager at South Essex Homes, said: “Eventually neighbours had enough and took a stand to allow us to go to court and get this outcome.

“It’s not nice evicting someone from their home, but she’s had plenty of warnings to mend her ways.”

Mr Davey believes the future is looking bright at the Four Rivers Estate thanks to the help of residents there.

He said: “Community cohesion is key to making the estate a safe place.

“Hopefully, these witnesses coming forward show if people do take a stand, they can get the right results.”

Liz Day, West Shoebury ward councillor, used to receive two or three calls about antisocial behaviour a day. Now she receives two a week.

She said: “They are doing a lot of work to lift the status of the area and make it a more pleasant place to live.

“They’ve got some very good residents in that area, private and council tenants.”