LEGENDARY guitarist Wilko Johnson will star in a multi-million pound fantasy television show, opposite screen idol Sean Bean.

The former lead guitarist and songwriter from Canvey rhythm and blues band Dr Feelgood, who topped the British album charts in the Seventies, has already started filming for the American show called Game of Thrones.

A casting agent for the medieval fantasy series, which is being made by American network giant HBO, hired Wilko after being impressed by his starring role in a recent documentary about Dr Feelgood, called Oil City Confidential.

Wilko, who livfes in Westcliff and is famous for his manic facial expressions while playing the guitar, will play the royal executioner, Ilyn Payne.

His manager Bob Hoy said: “It’s an important part, although he doesn’t have to say anything because his character has had his tongue ripped out.

“His job description is basically to look scary and frighten the children.

“He pulled his usual scary face on the set, but the director told him ‘you don’t need to do scary, you are scary’.”

Game of Thrones is based on author George Martin’s best-selling a Song of Ice and Fire series of novels, which chronicles the violent dynastic struggles among noble families for control of the Iron Throne of Westeros.

Mr Hoy said: “Wilko did a week’s filming in Belfast last month and will be shooting in Malta later this month before returning to Belfast in November.

“This is the latest exciting thing that has happened to him since he appeared in Oil City Confidential. He is really busy and has been playing gigs all over Europe.”

It is understood Game of Thrones will debut in America in Spring 2011 and is certain to transfer to British television.

HBO has an impressive track record for producing major television series, including Sex In The City, Six Feet Under, and The Sopranos.

Game of Thrones has been described as the Sopranos in Middle-Earth, referring to its intrigue-filled content and dark tone in a fantasy setting.