VOLUNTEERS are needed to help raise £80,000 to save a community hall which has fallen into disrepair.

Langham Hall, in South Green, Billericay, was shut 18 months ago after the group, which used to run it, folded.

The Billericay Community Trust now wants to bring the building back into use and is desperately seeking £80,000 to refurbish the neglected hall.

To help out with securing the funds, the trust wants to bring together a group of volunteers whose job will be to raise the money for refurbishing the hall.

As part of its plans to secure funding, the trust invited residents to come and see what its vision involves.

More than 40 residents turned up to the event to see what the trust’s ambitions are.

Participants also took part in activities and had a chat with police officers who turned up with the SOS bus, a mobile help and advice centre for Basildon Police.

Heather Stuart, the extended services co-ordinator for the trust, said there was an important need for Langham Hall to be brought back to life.

She said: “The memorial hall, in South Green, is fully booked all the time. So if we wanted to hold a mothers and toddlers group on Wednesdays, we cannot because there is no space anywhere.

“The building is falling further into disrepair while it is not being used.

“If things are not tidied up soon the situation will just get worse.”

Funding for the changes have not started coming in yet, but donations would be accepted from any person or business wanting to get involved.

For more details about the project, please call the trust on 07847 484896.