A “SADISTIC and controlling” flatmate has been sentenced to two years behind bars for a series of cruel assaults.

Basildon Crown Court heard Steven Scannell, 27, carried out a string of inhumane beatings against housemate and work colleague Zack Greaves over six months.

The final and worst attack at the pair’s flat in Hollands Walk, Vange, saw Scannell assault his victim with weapons, including a rolling pin, police truncheon and wheel brace.

Mr Greaves, 23, who is from the Basildon area, suffered a broken jaw and numerous cuts.

He also had to have two skin grafts on his left leg because of the horrific nature of the wounds.

The attacks took place between August and December 2008.

The victim had previously made up stories to explain his injuries but informed police after the final assault and Scannell was arrested.

Sentencing him, Judge Jonathan Black said: “Your behaviour throughout this period was both controlling and sadistic.

“The report I have from the Probation Service suggests you present a high risk of committing violence against adults.”

Scannell, who was 25 at the time of the attacks, met Mr Greaves through playing roller hockey and later offered him a job working with him as a window cleaner.

The victim later moved into his attacker’s flat and the problems began.

The court heard Scannell began by withholding cash from his flatmate, telling him he was not capable of looking after his own money.

In August 2008, Mr Greaves was so badly beaten in the face he was unable to attend a roller hockey match.

In October that year he was left with a permanently swollen ear from another beating.

The court heard Scannell had kicked him in the wounded ear and police later found blood from the assault splattered on the flat’s ceiling.

Judge Black read out a statement from Mr Greaves explaining how the attacks had affected him.

It said: “The whole incident has given me nightmares and bad dreams, I can’t trust people and I find I don’t go out as much as I used to.”

Scannell, of Chaucer Street, Northampton, was found guilty of two charges of causing actual bodily harm and a further charge of causing grievous bodily harm.