CAMPAIGNERS have finally solved the mystery behind the name of a sculpture in Basildon town centre – 54 years after it was installed.

The artwork outside Freedom House, East Square, was known as Treble Clef for years because nobody knew its real name.

However, the daughter of the sculptor, AJ Poole, has now e-mailed the art group Our Basildon, saying the piece was named by her father as Man Aspires.

The abstract aluminium and steel coil sculpture installed in 1957 was designed by Mr Poole who had more than 450 works commissioned in his lifetime.

Vin Harrop, heritage director for Our Basildon, said it was quite amazing the artwork’s named had not been discovered until now.

Mr Harrop said: “Nobody had managed to find a name for it and I came up with Treble Clef because that is what I thought it looked like.

“We had tried to research Poole on the internet to see if that gave us any clues, but it drew a blank and we gave up.”

Mr Harrop then received the e-mail from Victoria, the daughter of Mr Poole, saying the sculpture was called Man Aspires.

Mr Harrop said: “Victoria is a nartist and she contacted us through the Our Basildon website because she is trying to get more recognition for her father’s work.”

The sculpture has been included in the masterplan for the regeneration for Basildon town centre.