EXASPERATED residents are calling for confusing addresses to be changed after an ambulance was sent to the wrong home.

Jean and Denis Adams, who live at 1 Derek Gardens in Prittlewell, have got used to being constantly bombarded with mail for a block of flats at the end of their road also known as Derek Gardens.

But they were stunned when they heard a loud banging on their door and opened it to find a crew of paramedics and two police cars waiting outside.

Mrs Adams, 82, said: “They said ‘which one of you are we taking?’ We’d only just got back from shopping and there was certainly nothing wrong with us.

“It’s one thing being sent the wrong post, but it is getting ridiculous when even ambulances are being sent to the wrong place. Someone’s life might have been in danger.

“It’s also worrying that, had we got back a few minutes later, they would have probably broken our door down.”

The couple live at the western end of Derek Gardens. After the road was built, developers knocked down 73 Derek Gardens and replaced it with a block of six flats that is now managed by Swan Housing.

The block is registered as 73 Derek Gardens on Royal Mail’s postal records, but the building itself is commonly called Derek Gardens – sparking confusion.

An East of England Ambulance Service spokeswoman said: “We do ask residents to do as much as possible to identify their properties clearly.

“Our ambulances are equipped with the latest sat nav technology, but if addresses are unclear then we can encounter problems and that may waste time.”

A spokesman for Swan Housing said the address of the flats did not clash with any other properties in the street.

He added: “Although we are not aware of any residents at 73 Derek Gardens using incorrect address information, Swan is mindful of the issues raised by local residents and we will be contacting the residents of the flats to ensure that address information is recorded in a clear fashion.”