PRISONERS in a south Essex jail throw human waste out of windows at night because of poor sanitation, a report has claimed.

Bullwood Hall in Hockley, which holds only foreign nationals, has been criticised in the past for lack of provision of toilets at night for prisoners.

In the latest unannounced inspection by HM Chief Inspector of Prisons, it was revealed conditions had not improved, although the jail was praised in general for its treatment of offenders.

In his report, Nick Hardwick, chief inspector, said night sanitation arrangements were “frail, resulting in human waste being thrown out of windows”. He also criticised interpretation services, which he said were underused.

While he found work to resettle prisoners to their home countries had improved, there was still a lack of national guidance for staff and uncertainty over the immigration status of many prisoners.

He said this meant planning for resettlement was focused almost exclusively on those scheduled to be released into the UK.

But overall, Mr Hardwick said improvements had been made at the prison.

He said: “Bullwood Hall is an important, dedicated facility for foreign national prisoners and it is pleasing to commend levels of safety, to note much improved purposeful activity and to see the beginnings of better resettlement services.

“Less commendable were the continued lack of adequate night time sanitation and, more broadly, the lack of national guidance on what staff should be expected to provide, particularly in terms of resettlement to men returning overseas.”

Welcoming the report, Michael Spurr, chief executive of the National Offender Management Service, said: “The governor and staff have worked hard to make the establishment a very safe place, with minimal bullying.

“Improvements in the provision of purposeful activity, work, education and effective resettlement reduce the chances of re-offending and protect the public.”

Steve Bradford, governor of the prison, would not comment.