THE firm running Basildon Golf Course has been kicked off another course for unpaid rent.

Jack Barker, which leases the course in Clayhill Road, Basildon, from the council, lost its lease for another course in Stoke.

Stoke on Trent City Council revoked the lease for the Goldenhill Golf Course, because Jack Barker has amassed tens of thousands of pounds in unpaid rent.

It was also ordered the company to stop dumping rubble on the course, being done without planning permission.

Campaigners already expres-sed concerns over the future of the Basildon course, after winning a legal battle stopping Jack Barker using 140,000 tonnes of spoil to reshape the course.

Ron Mayden, a Jack Barker director, said the firm was considering its options for the course earlier this week.

Mick Toomer, chairman of Friends of Basildon Golf Course, hopes the same won’t happen at the Basildon course.

Jack Barker has been allowed to pay no rent on the Basildon course since 2007. It has been given more than £130,000 in subsidies due to financial problems.

Mr Toomer said: “It looks as if this is going to cost Stoke City Council a fortune to sort this mess out. If it hadn’t been for the determination of our group, Basildon Council could have found itself in the same situation.”

He said group members remained alert to ensure no dumping happens at Basildon.

Council leader Tony Ball said he had concerns if Jack Barker was involved in unauthorised dumping on another course.

However, he said: “Obviously they have broken the lease there, but they have not broken the terms of the lease here.”

A Stoke City Council spokesman said: “The city council has forfeited the lease of Goldenhill Golf Course for non-payment of rent and has taken back possession of the site. The leaseholder was also served with a temporary stop notice, preventing anyone from depositing waste material on the land.

“This has stopped any waste being left on the site since it reverted back to the control of the city council.”

The use of building spoil would have funded a £1million revamp of the Basildon course, including a new club house and driving range being built.