A PILE of 11 rotting foxes has been left by a Thundersley road, leaving nearby neighbours outraged.

The decomposing bodies have been laying in a car layby in Windermere Road for the past fortnight, and the mound has been gradually added to in recent days.

Residents in the area do not know who is behind the killing, but are desperate for them to stop.

Jo Reeves, of Ullswater Road, said: “Last week I counted eight but there’s eleven now.

“I’ve been told there are other piles of dead foxes too.

“Most of us have lived here for years, and we get on very well with the foxes.

“Many of us feed them and we recognise some by sight.

“Over the past few months they’ve started disappearing.

“I know many neighbours who are very upset about it.

“Three or four of them said they’ve lost a fox they were feeding.”

Mrs Reeves is particularly annoyed that Castle Point Council has not removed the dead animals, even though they were reported a week ago.

She said: “They’re visible from the road and you walk past to get to Woodside Park. It’s disgusting.

“Some of them are starting to decompose, and it makes a pretty revolting sight.”

A council spokeswoman said: “We have alerted our contractors and the animals will be removed as soon as possible.”

It is not known how the foxes were killed but residents think some were shot.

Killing foxes is not illegal, but Trevor Williams, director of the Kent-based Fox Project, believes an offence may have been committed.

He said: “First of all it’s littering, which is a job for the council, and a health hazard, which is something the police could be involved in.

“I have come across incidents like this before. It’s just sheer bloody mindedness.

“Last month I went to a lay-by in Surrey where eight foxes had just been dumped.”