THE producers of a low-budget movie shot mostly in Basildon have secured a nationwide DVD release.

Southend-based New Town Films is selling its first feature film, This is Essex New Town Original.

The film was launched nationwide after being premiered at Festival Leisure Park in 2005, but could only be bought via the film company’s website.

Terry Bird, its producer, said: “We tried to get a DVD release in 2005, but no one would give us the right deal.

“Before, the only way to get a copy was through New Town’s website, now we are selling it across the whole country through HMV and Amazon.”

The film has been rebranded from its original title, New Town Original, to cash in on the recent interest in Essex following the popularity of docu-soap the Only Way is Essex and the various big screen incarnations of the “Essex Boys” murders.

Terry, who runs New Town Films alongside director Jason Ford, added: “You never know, it could become a cult classic.”

The film tells the story of 23-year-old Mick, who is desperate to escape his mundane life in Basildon, but after a spell on anti-depressants ends up dating the local psychopath’s girlfriend.

Its leading man, Elliott Jordan, from Brentwood, has since gone on to play Stacey Slater’s love interest Callum Monks in EastEnders.

New Town Films is now working on its second feature film and is due to start filming on the Craylands estate, Basildon, later this year.

Final Project is described as a digital docu-horror, in the vein of the “Blair Witch Project on a council estate”.

Craylands will be used to represent the fictitious Drayman Estate, the scene of brutal violence where people go missing, while children roam free and the adult population is on drugs.

New Town hopes to use local people as extras, and there is the chance for people to win a part in the film.

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