MORE than 40 trees will be planted on Canvey to try to combat antisocial behaviour.

Castle Point Council has been given a £3,000 grant from Chelmsford charity Fowler, Smith and Jones to plant the trees along First and Second avenues.

Residents asked for the area to be tidied up in an effort to improve people’s behaviour.

A 45-year-old man, who did not want to be named, said he was pleased the area would receive a makeover.

He added: “If the trees stay in place and the kids don’t destroy them, it will make the place look a bit nicer.

“You are always going to have a little bit of trouble, but it is a good idea.

“With the trees in the way it stops kids playing football up against the houses.”

Residents living in the area had previously suffered antisocial behaviour, but since police put in a dispersal order to break up groups of yobs hanging around after 9pm, the number of incidents was reduced by half.

The council’s Canvey West Neighbourhood group, which spent the money on the scheme, has also secured visits from a community bus twice a week, and a football cage, which will be put up for one night a week during the summer.

Ward councillor, Peter May, said: “I have been involved in it since day one.

“The residents have now really started to take ownership of where they live and they are reporting things more.

“The residents have told me it has definitely improved around there. I am pleased because they are pleased.

“We will carry on arranging meetings with the residents, the police and the crime prevention team to have an update and see where we need to go next.”