A STUNTMAN left paralysed after breaking his neck while working on a Harry Potter film has had his hopes of a new home dashed by unhappy neighbours and councillors.

David Holmes, 27, was injured while standing in for Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, filmed at Leavesden studios, near Watford.

Now, confined to a wheelchair, Mr Holmes asked Southend Council for permission to demolish a two-storey house in Eastwood Road, Leigh, and build a much larger two-storey home fully equipped for his needs.

Council officers recommended approval for the plans, but members of the council’s development control committee voted to refuse the application.

Addressing the meeting, Mr Holmes said: “On January 28, 2009, I had an accident at work which resulted in permanent disability.

“I then spent six months in hospital before moving to my current home.

“I’m living in my front room and receive 24-hour care because of my disability, which also puts a big strain on my girlfriend and family.”

The plans included a terrace in the rear garden and a basement parking area for three vehicles, with a car lift rather than a ramp, to reduce the impact on the outside of the property.

Mr Holmes explained: “The basement level would allow me to get out of the car in the dry.”

He told councillors he wanted to stay in the Southend area as he had good relationships with his GP and district nurses.

A report on the application to councillors said 23 letters had been received, objecting to the plans for the property, and only one in support.

Mr Holmes said: “It is necessary to give me a quality of life back. I know it would be stressful for the neighbours, but I need a house to live in and to give me a good quality of life again.”