A GIRL who suffers from one of the world’s most extreme and painful stomach disorders has been making headlines due to her bravery.

Daisy Palmer, seven, has been appearing in national papers and on TV since featuring in the Echo due to her courage.

The youngster, of Burr Close, Langdon Hills, has a life-threatening condition which means she cannot eat any food and can only sip water.

The brave youngster has been in and out of hospital for two years.

She has to be hooked up to a feeding machine in her bedroom for up to 18 hours a day.

Now, a charitable trust website to raise funds for JLS fan Daisy, who has chronic intestinal pseudo obstruction, has gone live – meaning people all over the UK touched by Daisy’s plight can donate towards her care.

Her mum Tracy, 39, and dad, Damon, 40, have been told a cure in Daisy’s lifetime is extremely unlikely.

However, they want to make their daughter as comfortable as possible at home.

Mr Palmer said: “We can’t cure Daisy. Even if someone donated a million pounds tomorrow, the medics just don’t know how to cure her.

“But we can make her more comfortable. We need to raise about £100,000. We need an electric bed, a lift, a wet room and basically a whole extension built to cater for Daisy.

“All the exposure we have been getting in the media has really helped our cause and we are grateful to everyone for their support.”

The family celebrated Mr Palmer’s landmark 40th birthday, yesterday, with a trip to Frinton beach.

He said: “It was great to go there as a family.

“Daisy can only be out for a few hours at a time, because then she has to go back to her machine, but it was lovely to be all together.”

Daisy cannot eat any solids without suffering from deadly abdominal attacks. As an occassional treat, she can suck on an unflavoured ice pop.

Mr Palmer stressed: “Of course, she can’t go to the beach and enjoy an ice cream like most youngsters her age, but she never lets it bother her. That’s why Daisy is so special.”

l To donate, go to www.daisy palmertrust.co.uk