SCHOOLCHILDREN are rallying round to help a classmate who suffers from an rare illness that means she cannot eat food.

Youngsters at the Great Berry Primary School, in Forest Glade, Langdon Hills, have been sporting wristbands in support of little Daisy Palmer, seven.

The bands cost £1. All cash raised will go towards the Daisy Palmer Trust, which aims to raise £100,000 so Daisy’s family can adapt their home in Burr Close, Langdon Hills to make life easier for the youngster.

Daisy suffers from the rare chronic intestinal pseudo obstruction condition, which means she cannot eat any food and can only sip water.

She has to be hooked up to a feeding machine in her bedroom for up to 18 hours a day. She is fed intravenously, via the arteries of her heart.

Her classmates also send messages, drawings and pictures to her, at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Susan Pipe, headteacher at the school, said she was extremely proud of the thoughtful youngsters.

She said: “Everybody at the school is really enthusiastic about supporting Daisy.

“I have been very impressed and touched by the children. Everyone wants to support the family through this time. Daisy is in everyone’s thoughts all the time.”

“This really has become a community issue. Every-body in the area wants to help.”

Daisy’s dad, Damon, 40, also praised her classmates.

He said: “The children at the school often send pictures and get well messages up to Daisy. They really are very thoughtful.

“Daisy is still in hospital in London, so this kind of support is really fantastic for us.”

Mr Palmer said the family are hopeful Daisy may be released from hospital in August, in time to enjoy a family holiday.

Since highlighting Daisy’s plight, the community has rallied round, hosting a cycling marathon, fun days and quiz nights to raise cash for the Daisy Palmer Trust.

Great Berry school will be hosting a fun day on Saturday, July 23, to raise more funds for Daisy.

For more information or to support Daisy’s cause, go to