CALLS have been made for a weight restriction to be enforced to stop lorries using a Westcliff road as a rat run.

Alan Grubb, 65, of Westbourne Grove, is keen for changes to be made as motorists continually ignore a weight restriction which is supposed to prevent HGVs from travelling from the A127 to the A13, through Westcliff.

Mr Grubb, has lived in Westbourne Grove, Westcliff, for about 20 years.

He said the problem of HGVs turning off Prince Avenue and travelling down his road is getting worse by the day.

He said: “When you enter Westbourne Grove from Prince Avenue you are entering a wide road with houses with off-street parking.

“But as the road progresses and you get near to Fairfax Drive the road becomes a lot narrower, and the majority of homes do not have off-street parking.

“We have school coaches, delivery lorries and I’ve seen car transporters.”

Mr Grubb said a number of homes in Westbourne Grove, nearer to London Road, have damaged front garden walls, which may have been caused by lorries rumbling past.

He said: “We need much larger signs on the A127 and they need to be further back because the one there at the moment, before the slip road, does not give drivers enough notice.”

Mr Grubb said he has written to Southend Council about the problem and, as he now sees at least five HGVs pass by each day, has enlisted the support of Martin Terry, Westborough ward councillor.

Mr Terry said: “It might be drivers ignoring the sign or it might be their sat nav devices taking them the quickest route.

“Lorries should be using the A127 or the A13 and not cutting through Westcliff to get to where they need to be.”

Mr Terry has taken up the case with council officers and wants new signs or cameras to help stop drivers who persistently flout the restrictions.