A NEW taxi rank could be set up in Southend High Street.

Council chiefs are considering creating a pick-up point for cabs in the loop of road which links Clarence Street and Weston Road.

The idea is part of an ongoing review of taxi ranks within the town, which is due to conclude early next month.

Under the proposals, the new High Street rank would have space for two taxis, and operate between 10am and 4pm, seven days a week.

However, the idea has been met with outrage by the council’s Tory deputy leader, John Lamb.

He said: “We have deliberately pedestrianised the High Street to make it a safe place for people to go with their families.

“We do not need extra vehicles there during the daytime.

“I can see the point of having it at night, when the taxis would be able to quickly take away the people coming out of the pubs and clubs.

“But during the day, it should not happen. It’s an issue of safety.”