21:00: Travellers continue to celebrate the news of the last-minute injunction, bringing a day of drama to an end.


20:00: Candy Sheridan, vice-chair of the Gypsy Council of North Norfolk, is telling travellers about her triumph in the High Court. She returned to Dale Farm after seeking an eleventh-hour court hearing, in which a judge agreed to postpone the eviction until further legal arguments are heard.


19:21: All quiet at Dale Farm. A few protesters remain atop the scaffolding at the entrance to the site, occasionally shouting abuse at the bailiffs as they move between the temporary cabins in their compound. All other media have left the site.


18:19: Tony Ball, leader of Basildon Council, confirms at a press conference that the eviction will be halted due to a last-minute High Court reprieve. He said: "Clearly I and the council are extremely disappointed and frustrated by the decision of the High Court today."

17:16: Cheers inside the site as residents and supporters were told of the delay. Resident Mary Slattery said: "We are delighted. Every day is a bonus. We've got one last chance and we're not going to give up - this gives us so much hope."

16:54: Dale Farm residents have won a last-gasp injunction restraining Basildon Council from clearing structures from the site pending a further hearing at London's High Court on Friday.

16:20: Bailiffs are expected to come to speak to travellers at 16.30. The council is expected to hold a press conference at 17.30 to keep residents updated.

15:45: Protesters wearing breathing masks have set up two scaffold and tyre barriers further up Oak Lane so even if the bailiffs get through the main barrier there will be another obstacle.

Straws and carpet are being brought out to the barricade.

15:15: The bailiffs move back to their compound. Emotions are running high in the travelling community and tensions flared as the bailiffs make their way back through the fence.

15:00: Bailiffs move in to ask the travellers to move. They moved up the lane to shouts and taunts from the travellers and their supporters.

14:30: Five vans of police have arrived in the bailiff compound.

14:05 Travellers chant “hell no we won't go” and Dale Farm is here to stay.

13:52: A bbq has been started in Dale Farm. There is still no sign of the bailiffs.

13:10: A man in the crowd assembled in front of Dale Farm just shouted his support to the travellers.

12:50: Reggae music is playing loudly and you can hear the sound of machinery from the bailiff compound.

12:40: It looks as though an activist is getting ready to tie himself to the top of the scaffold tower.

12:35: Traveller Mary Slattery speaks from the top of the scaffolding at the entrance to Dale Farm. She says they are a close knit community and want to stay together.

12:30: Eviction looks to be imminent, media vans moving out of the lane and protesters and travellers have started shouting for Tony Ball. Travellers say there are families with children still inside.

12:15: Paintbombs have been thrown at members of the media. Atmosphere at Dale Farm very tense.

12.14: Campaigner Grattan Puxon said talks with the council had collapsed. He added: "They only wanted to talk about peaceful eviction, not an alternative site for the homeless, so as far as we're concerned negotiations are off and we're preparing for the bailiffs to move in."

12:11: Tony Ball, leader of Basildon Council, confirms site clearance will get under way today.

11:45: Hearing the eviction could start soon. Telephone negotiations ongoing between council and travellers. Basildon and Billericay MP John Baron says he is still hoping that negotiations will lead to a peaceful resolution.

11.24: Rumours that a press conference will be held at midday.

11:20: Tony Ball, leader of Basildon Council, says the council are holding last minute talks with the travellers but the bailiffs will definitely be going in today.

11:00: Supporters bring in crisps, toilet roll and other essentials to protesters barricaded in Dale Farm.

10:30: Gas cannisters have been reportedly dragged up to the front as more and more people mass behind the barrier.

10:05: Police helicopter back and hovering over Dale Farm. More protesters and travellers climbing the scaffold barrier.

9:55: Father Paul Trathen from the Basildon Forum of Faiths has arrived. He is here to support the travellers.

9:50: Music can be heard from inside the Dale Farm site.

9.40: Three police officers from the Crays Hill community policing team approach the barricades at Dale Farm. The police are only in attendance to keep the peace- they will not be carrying out enforcement action. They stop to talk to some travellers from the legal Dale Farm plot.

9.45: Oak Lane closed as bailiffs prepare to move.

9.35: A sign on one of the caravans says the owner is in hospital and will be able to move it in 2-3 days.

9:25: Movement in the bailiff compound. It looks as though they are getting ready to move in. A lot of media have parked along the road leading up to the site which could block the entrance for the bailiffs.

9:20: Travellers have climbed the scaffold and are talking to the media. One girl says her mum will die if she is forced to go back on the road.

9am: A sign on the gates reads “Danger of Death: Behind this gate a woman is attached by her neck. If you attempt to open this gate you will kill her”.

8.20: Protesters chained behind the gate at Dale Farm.

8:00: Protesters say bailiffs are throwing ropes over the fence. Travellers are coming out of their caravans now as the police helicopter comes over again.

7.35: Activists are making their way to the barrier at the front of the site. A burnt out car can be seen further down the lane behind the barrier.

7.15: More protesters appear on the scaffolding at the front of Dale Farm. They wave the UN flag.

7:10 Police helicopter just passed over Dale Farm and police 4x4 drove up Oak Lane.

7:00 Some kind of meeting happening inside Dale Farm. There is an estimated 100 travellers still on the site.

6.55: TV personality Gloria Hunniford has turned up at Dale Farm.

6.50: Protesters can be seen scaling the scaffolding at the front of the site. The site is a hive of activity. Some of the protesters seem to be wearing blue and white chemical suits and masks.

6.40 People have appeared the other side of the defences at the entrance to the Dale Farm site. The front has been heavily reinforced with wood and there are pictures of children from the site decorating the scaffolding.

6.35: Crays Hill resident Len Gridley reports two out of three cherry pickers he set up for the eviction are not working. He says he thinks they were tampered with overnight.

6.30: Media start arriving at Dale Farm. Rumours on the site are there will be no movement from bailiffs until 10am.