FIFTEEN protesters arrested on suspicion of a security breach at Southend Airport have been bailed.

Police have now confirmed that it was five men and 10 ten women who were arrested at about 9am on Saturday. They have now been bailed until November 30.

The group includes a 20-year-old man and a 19-year-old woman from Norwich and a 43 year-old man from Whistable in Kent. The remainder are from various areas of London.

Protest organisation Plane Stupid has claimed responsibility for five of the protestors who they say managed to get on the runway at 9am today to try and install solar panels.

They were dressed as pilots and cabin crew.

They say an extra five were from another group called Climate Rush.'

Police were called to the scene just after 9am.

The group remain in police custody.

A spokeswoman for the protestors said: "What we need is solar power not plane power." A spokeswoman for Southend Airport said: "Earlier this morning Essex Police were called to London Southend airport following a report of suspicious activity at the airport perimeter. "Police swiftly dealt with a breach in the airport perimeter and a number of people were arrested. "The runway was closed for a short period whilst the police responded. "No flights were impacted by this event."

The Stop Airport Extension Now (SAEN) group has denied any involvement, but a spokesman said: "it's understandable why they are feeling so frustrated."