CHILDREN are being forced to dodge glass on the streets after bus stops were vandalised.

Glass panes were smashed in the bus stops in Clayhill Road, next to Bardfield Primary School, Vange, and the damage has yet to be repaired. Most of the glass has been removed from the panes, but shards still remain in the frames with glass left all over the street.

Lisa Lowe, 43, of Maplin Gardens, Vange, said: “I meet my daughter Millie at the bus stop every day and the state they have been left in is terrible.

“Children use the stops everyday. To see glass shards left in the frames is very dangerous. Glass was also left all over the street. I don’t understand why anyone would do this.

“It is unbelievable people would do this thing.”

Lisa’s daughter Millie Manzi, 11, who is autistic, gets the bus to Cedar Hall School, Thundersley, each day. Lisa added: “Millie didn’t like seeing the glass everywhere and was very worried about our dogs Frankie and Chelsea.”

Marilyn Hampton, headteacher of Bardfield Primary School, said: “Most of our children walk to school past the bus stop. I know it worries them to see such acts of vandalism, as well as it being a potential hazard.

Tracey Chapman, councillor responsible for highways, said “Essex County Council was informed on October 31 two bus shelters had been damaged.

“Once we had identified an exact location, the maintenance team were informed. Repairs will be carried out today.”