RESIDENTS claim antisocial yobs are out of control on Canvey, after a lit firework was thrown into a supermarket.

The firework was thrown into the Nisa Extra store, in Third Avenue, Canvey, and landed by one of the checkouts.

A frightened resident, also from Third Avenue, claimed youths had also thrown lit fireworks through the letterboxes of people’s houses in recent weeks.

All the windows were smashed and wires ripped out of a telephone box, in Furtherwick Road, Canvey, and a nearby litter bin was torn from its foundations.

The fence around Medivets vetinary centre and a brick wall outside a house, both in Furtherwick Road, were also kicked down.

Norman Gubb, 77, of Grafton Road, which is connected to Furtherwick Road, is sick and tired of the vandals.

He said: “They’ve completely wrecked the phone box and left the bin on its side. It’s sheer, mindless vandalism and I don’t think it’s kids who are doing this either.

“It always seems to happen late at night after the pubs shut, so I think it’s drunken adults.”

Councillor Neville Watson, from the Canvey Independent Party, has called for a network of cameras in Link Road, at the junctions with First Avenue, Second Avenue, and Dinant Avenue, Canvey. He claims this would help catch drug dealers who operate from Link Road.

Police introduced a dispersal order in 2008, which gave officers powers to break up groups of yobs hanging around at night in Link Road, First Avenue, Church Parade, Somnes Avenue, Kingsdown Walk and Lakeside Path.

A member of staff from the Nisa Extra store, who asked not to be named, said: “Some kids threw a firework in here. It landed by the checkout, but we had burn marks across the floor. I don’t know what sort of firework it was, but it had flares spurting out.”

A resident from Third Avenue, who wished to remain anonymous, added: “It’s terrible round here. The kids put fireworks through your letterbox, so I’ve taped mine up. They’re very abusive and hang around drinking and smoking.”

A spokeswoman for Essex Police confirmed the reports of antisocial behaviour were being investigated and urged anyone with information to contact officers on 101.