PEDESTRIANS have slammed selfish cyclists who put them in danger by speeding along the pavement.

Resident Christine Hills wants bike riders in Westcliff to be more considerate, particularly where the elderly are concerned.

She said: “Hamlet Court Road is finally on the up, but now these cyclists are spoiling it.

“There must be some measures which can be put in place.”

Councillors said they are regularly being lobbied by concerned residents in Westcliff.

Jonathan Garston, Tory councillor for Milton Ward, said Southend Council had spent thousands of pounds introducing bike lanes throughout the town, including Hamlet Court Road.

He added: “There is no reason for people to cycle on the pavement.

“We are now working with PCSOs in the community to target hotspots, and I believe Hamlet Court Road is one of them.”

Last month the Echo reported police were turning a blind eye to cyclists in Southend High Street.

Although it is against the law to cycle on pavements and in pedestrianised areas (punishable by a fine of £30), police officers admitted penalties were rare.

Mrs Hills, of St Helen’s Road, Westcliff, has already stopped visiting the High Street following concerns for her safety.

She added many people she knew had done the same, particularly elderly people who feel intimidated.

Martin Terry, Independent councillor for Westborough ward, said: “The problem is the speed these cyclists go at, they have no consideration for others.

“You can just imagine if they hit an elderly person it would break their bones.”