A SCHOOLGIRL is accused of running up a £6,900 phone bill...in just four months!

Tilly Davies, 15, of Victoria Drive, Great Wakering, has been hit with the whopping bill from phone company Orange after upgrading to an iPhone 4 in July.

This comes even though she has a contract which allows for unlimited texts and data roaming.

Orange has since offered to split the bill.

However, dad Kurt Davies, 46, turned this down and thinks Orange has made a mistake.

Mr Davies of Glendale Gardens, Leigh, said: “Tilly is a sensible girl, so I find it unbelievable she could have done enough to be charged this much.

“It also leaves me worried because it is getting dark early now. If something happened to her on the way back from school we would have no way of communicating with her.”

He has vowed to fight the phone giant in court if they do not drop the charge.

Mr Davies has tried to resolve the matter over the phone and in writing, but the firm has now cut off his daughter’s mobile altogether.

He added: “I keep thinking about it at night.

“All I can say is I won’t pay the bills because they are unfair.”

The dad said he has even gone into a Orange shop in Southend to speak with staff, who he claims have told him it is impossible to get a bill that high.

He has urged Orange to take account of Tilly’s bills prior to July and end the saga.

He added: “All they have to do is look back at Tilly’s bill history and see that before they were only about £30 a month.

“She has not used the phone any differently to what she did with her previous phone, but now the bills have rocketed. It’s an absolute joke.”

Orange said they will be looking into this matter.

A spokesperson said: “We are sorry the customer found themselves in this situation. We are investigating the case and hope we will be able to reach a fair resolution.”