Seven cocaine pushers, part of a drugs and guns ring, have been jailed for a total of 22 years.

The dealers were snared during the year-long Operation Portwing undercover campaign in Thurrock.

The operation centred on the Stone's Throw pub, in South Road, South Ockendon.

Defendants David and Simon Bromley, George Lawson, Damian Nolan, Darren Taylor, Nathan Dalley, and Terry Matthews met undercover officers and supplied them with cocaine.

The seven men sentenced at Basildon Crown Court yesterday were: * Simon Bromley, 37, of Baldwin Farm, Dennis Lane, Upminster - jailed for eight years for supplying drugs and selling £28,400 of cocaine to an officer in 12 deals.

Judge Christopher Mitchell described Bromley as running a cocaine business "in a large way".

The father-of-two also sold officers a rifle.

When Bromley's home was raided, police seized £22,000 in cash along with one ounce of cocaine.

l Bromley's father, David, 60, who lived next door - jailed for three years for conspiracy to supply cocaine.

The self-confessed cocaine addict, was present during deals and Judge Michell said he accepted he played a "supporting" role in the conspiracy.

* George Lawson, 50, of Vicarage Square, Grays - a street dealer - jailed for four-and-a-half years. He also admitted possessing two illegal .22 calibre air-guns.

* Darren Taylor, 35, from Chelmsford, manager of the Stone's Throw pub - jailed for 18-months.

The judge said the sentence reflected that Taylor had turned to cocaine and alcohol following the murder of his brother. He had since got his life back on track.

* Damian Nolan, 41 - described by the judge as "runner" - jailed for 18 months.

The sentence recognised Nolan, of Manor Road, Romford, was at the bottom of the supply chain.

* Terry Matthews, 56, of Brock Green, South Ockendon - jailed for two years.

He had been jailed for 18-months in 2003 for his involvement in the supply of cocaine.

He also claimed to be at the very bottom of the drug-dealing chain, having supplied four small amounts to undercover cops.

* Nathan Dalley, 28, of Dent Close, South Ockendon, - jailed for 18-months for supplying an officer with drugs on three occasions.

He was described as a "low-level drugs runner" for George Lawson.