A SCHOOLBOY has been banned from his end of year school prom as punishment for his poor attendance.

Staff at King Edmund School, Rochford, believe Oliver Wright, 15, has simply missed too many days and therefore is not allowed to attend tonight’s celebrations His parents are furious as they insist Oliver has been ill and his attendance has been improving of late.

Dad Simon Wright also thinks they left it too late to tell Oliver. He said: “They told him with 48 hours to go. His car and suit was all booked paid for and ready to go. I think its deplorable.”

Oliver said: “I’ve been looking forward to this for so long. I was meant to take my friend Amber and we had a Rolls Royce limo booked, but now she has to go on her own. It was going to be the first time in my life I was going to get suited and booted. Now I have to take it back.”

The school says it sets a target of 94 per cent attendance and sent a letter to all parents at the start of the school year outlining the expectations and stating that if pupils had poor attendance they would sacrifice going to the prom.

A further letter was sent to Oliver’s parents in February.

Oliver’s mum Catrina Wright said: “His attendance was bad because he has asthma and gets migraines.

“He’s not a naughty child, he has dyslexia and the school can’t seem to cope with learning difficulties. He got his attendance up from 63 per cent to 78 per cent. Then we find out short notice he’s not allowed to go. It’s every child’s right to go to their prom.”

Headteacher Jonathan Osborn said all students had to maintain good standards of attendance and behaviour if they were to attend the prom.

He added: “This is a common approach for many schools.“Obviously we want every student to attend the prom, and individual circumstances are always taken into account when a decision is made that a student cannot attend.”