OUTRAGED parents have called for compassion from traffic wardens penalising them for picking up children from a special needs school.

Traffic wardens have been targeting families pulling up outside Glenwood School in Rushbottom Lane, Benfleet, for three days in a row.

Motorists can stop legally on double yellow lines for up to five minutes, but parents say it takes them a lot longer to get special needs children in and out of cars.

Some are now reverting to parking away from the school so they can drop off their children in peace. Chloe Watson, 38,from Benfleet, said her son Oscar, four, who has autism, was very distressed after she was forced to park a long way from school when a warden moved her on.

She said: “He was really upset because he could not understand where the car was.

“Because he has autism, any changes to his routine can have a big impact on him. After that I refused to move, and have been given a ticket, which I just feel is so unjust.

“These wardens really need to have a little more common sense. A lot of the parents who have physically disabled children do have badges, but if you have a child with mental disabilities it can be harder to get one. ”

Ms Watson claims because Rushbottom Lane is also home to The Montgomerie Junior and Infant Schools, the surrounding road can often become congested, leaving parents few parking options.

Several parents have contacted Castle Point MP Rebecca Harris to try to get the issue resolved.

Mrs Harris said: “I have spoken to the head of the new South Essex Parking Partnership on behalf of parents and voiced their concerns.”

A spokesman for the South Essex Parking Partnership said: “If there are parking restrictions and someone breaches them, they will be issued with a parking notice, if they have not moved after being asked to do so by an enforcement officer. Anyone with a parking notice is entitled to appeal if they feel they have cause to do so.”