IT didn’t stop Beethoven or the percussionist Evelyn Glennie, so suffering deafness isn’t going to hold back this little musical maestro.

Despite having to wear hearing aids in both ears nine-year-old Corey Marsh-all is becoming something of a success on the keyboard and violin.

In fact, the youngster has become so proficient after starting music lessons at school just two terms ago, she’s been invited to play at a public event next week.

Corey, who was diagnosed as partially deaf when she was five, doesn’t read music but plays “by ear”.

Basically if she hears a tune on TV or the radio she can immediately play it on her trusty keyboard at home.

Her gift for music was discovered by Elaine Harden, her music teacher at Basildon’s Whitmore Primary School.

Elaine said: “I quickly discovered Corey could learn very quickly. She started off on the recorder, and now I’ve been giving her violin and keyboard lessons. She definitely has a gift for music.

“It sounds a contradiction in terms, but she has an ear for music. Her hearing disability doesn’t affect that gift at all.”

When Elaine, who is herself a semi-professional violinist, was asked by the nearby Pioneer School in Basildon if they had any talents pupils who could perform at an open evening on Tuesday, she suggested Corey.

The youngster, of Chesterford Green, Basildon, will play a couple of classical pieces at the event, along with her own compositions.

Elaine added: “Corey loves to compose her own music and I think that’s brilliant.

“It’s important to encourage youngsters of all ages and abilities to fall in love with music.”

Corey’s mum Hayley, 31, added: “I’m so proud of Corey. She is always sitting behind her keyboard playing something. Her sister Katie, four, has a baby keyboard and tries to copy.

“Corey’s dream is to play in front of the Queen and to go on Britain’s Got Talent.

“She really wants to get her own piano, but I can’t afford it at the moment so I am saving up.”

Corey can draw inspiration from other famous deaf musicians, including Ludwig Van Beethoven, who continued to compose and conduct even after becoming totally deaf. Scottish percussionist Evelyn Glennie, has been profoundly deaf since 11.