CONTRACTORS desperately trying to finish roadworks at the Tarpots junction in Benfleet are keeping nearby residents up at night.

After weeks of delays and missed deadlines, contractors Birse finally finished the majority of the £120,000 works to replace two mini-roundabouts with traffic lights on Friday.

But now residents lives are being blighted as the firm carries out resurfacing work and digging until 2am, right outside their doors.

Kathleen Stewart, 43, said: “We are all totally livid. We were sent letters to say there would be a week of overnight works from June 14.

“The noise is still going on – it’s totally unbearable.

“A load of residents went out on Wednesday night and complained to the contractors because we had just had enough.

“They told us they had been brought down from Lincolnshire because the works had overrun so much, and they said Tesco had said they wanted the work to start after 11pm when they close.”

The Tarpots roadworks started in March and were supposed to take only seven weeks.

Mrs Stewart added: “I have a little grandson who has been staying with me and he has not been able to sleep.

It’s been making him ill. I may have to take him to hospital because of this.

“We have had enough and something has got to be done to stop these outrageous works.

“It is ruining our lives because we cannot get any sleep.”

Mrs Stewart is also angry that workmen have removed a zebra crossing from outside Riley’s Snooker Hall, in High Road, Benfleet, which she said was vital for children trying to reach the Appleton School, in Croft Road, and church goers walking to the nearby Holy Family Catholic Church.

Essex County Council said the crossing has been replaced with a new safer signalled crossing at the Tarpots junction.

On the night time works, a spokesman added: “Essex Highways would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused while these works are being carried out.

“However, these works could not be carried out during the day as this would cause heightened traffic disruption in the area.

“Residents have been informed of the need for night works.

“Letters were sent to those who have been affected and additional approval was granted by the environmental health department at Castle Point Council prior to works being carried out.”