DANGER for dogs is lying in wait at a Benfleet park according to one concerned resident.

Michael Hennessy, 71, from Oakfield Road in Benfleet said he had been walking his two-year-old Sheltie dog Skye in Richmond Park when one of her legs disappeared down a hole left by a removed goal frame.

The goal posts, which have recently been installed at Richmond Park on High Road, have left holes estimated to be 18 inches deep and Mr Hennessy said it was lucky his dog hadn’t broken her leg.

He raised the issue at Monday night’s Benfleet Community meeting.

“This should be a big concern to all dog owners and I am very worried that this is an accident waiting to happen. I walk here often with Skye and I think that if a dog was off the lead and running there could be some serious consequences for the dog.”

There are two football pitches next to each other at the park meaning there are eight holes in total. The pitches are not aligned meaning it is hard for dog owners to know where the holes will be.

Councillor Colin Riley, who chaired the meeting in the absence of voted Chairman Tom Skipp, said he would raise the issue with Castle Point Borough Council with a view to fixing the problem as soon as possible.