A GIANT pothole is causing misery for residents.

Ronald Hilson, 78, of Worthing Road, Laindon, is campaigning to get the huge pothole down his road filled in, as he says it is a danger for drivers and cyclists.

The sheer size of the damage, which stretches almost the full width of the road, is forcing drivers to mount the kerb to try tp avoid it.

Mr Hilson said: “There are a lot of children who ride their bikes around here, and if it is not sorted soon, it is just a matter of time until one of them flies over their handle bars and hurts themselves.

“It just can’t wait any longer.

“I am having to drive on the pavement to avoid it, because the last thing I want is a cracked windscreen. I should not have to do this.”

Tracey Chapman, county councillor for highways, said: “Essex County Council’s inspectors have carried out an inspection of the area in question using our risk matrix as set out in the council’s maintenance strategy.

“This has been added to our maintenance list of ongoing works.”