A CHIHUAHUA was attacked in a back garden by a fox.

Two-year-old Lexi was wrestled from the vermin’s jaws by owner, Vicky Reeves.

The little dog suffered severe bite wounds to her neck.

Mum-of-three Vicky, 29, put Lexi in the garden of her home in Covent Close, Laindon, before she heard the dog scream.

She ran out to find a fox had jumped over the fence and was attacking Lexi.

Vicky said: “It was horrific.

“The fox had got hold of Lexi and I tried to pull her off, but the fox pulled even harder and wasn’t scared of me at all.

‘“I eventually pulled Lexi free, but the side of her neck had been ripped open.’”

Ms Reeves rushed Lexi to Cherrydown Veterinary Surgery, in Cherrydown West, Basildon, where vets stitched up her deep wound and put her on antibiotics.

The chihuahua spent three days recovering at the surgery, before she was allowed home last Thursday.

The attack happened at about 9pm last Monday.

Shaun Plunkett, deputy practice manager at Cherrydown, said: ‘“It was a dreadful attack.

“If her owner hadn’t rushed her here, she might not have survived.

“Dog owners need to beware of foxes because they’re getting more and more urbanised.’”

Ms Reeves warned other dog owners about the danger of foxes.

She said: ‘“I was really shocked a fox could do this. Lexi could have been killed.

‘“Now people are using wheelie bins, foxes are finding it harder to track down food so they’re getting desperate and people need to watch their dogs.

‘“People must not encourage foxes by feeding them, because they’ll keep coming back.’”