Two boats became stranded on a river after getting tangled in an anchor.

The vessels had to be rescued by the RNLI and Southend Coastguard after getting stuck around 6.10pm yesterday (Sunday, June 13).

The large boats had been heading down the River Roach when they became tangled at Shelford Creek.

The coastguard was asked to keep a close eye on the vessels from the MOD test site on Foulness while the RNLI sent out two crews to help free the boats.

They were eventually freed and cleared to carry on with their respective journeys.

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It was a busy night for the coastguard, which was also called out to help rescue a man who had become trapped in the mud on Canvey.

He had been there for several hours before he was spotted by a boat owner who rang 999.

The fire service was also called in to help free the man and rescue him from the incoming tide.