A crash involving three vehicles on the M25 forced delays of more than two hours throughout last night.

The crash involving two lorries and a car happened between junction 25 and 26 going clockwise.

The incident resulted in a huge oil spill of approximately 400 litres, which closed three lanes on the road.

Delays after the crash at around 5.45pm peaked at around 160 minutes with traffic reported to have been pushed back by 5.8 miles.

Average speeds on the road 10pm and 4am this morning were estimated at around four mph.

Motorists had to divert onto the M11 or A10 in order to get into London towards the north.

The road was fully closed in the middle of the night in order to tackle the oil spill and recover the three vehicles.

Recovery teams were forced to act quickly on the M25 to resurface the road through the night.

The road was finally reopened at around 4.57am this morning.

No injuries were reported for any of the motorists involved in the crash.