Eight urns containing human ashes discovered at the site of a now-closed funeral directors under police investigation have been handed to a local authority.

Argyll and Bute Council has been given the containers of cremated remains by Police Scotland, after they were found on the premises of A Milne Independent Funeral Directors on Balornock Road, Glasgow.

Detectives previously launched a probe into the now-closed business amid allegations of ashes going missing, families being given the wrong remains, and financial misconduct.

The family-run firm had branches in Springburn, Glasgow, and Dumbarton, West Dunbartonshire, and its website has been taken down.

One woman, Emma Weir, previously said her father’s body was not properly ID-tagged, his body remained in a fridge for eight days after being taken by A Milne, and that her mother was only given half of her £1,400 deposit money back, despite the funeral director allegedly not fulfilling its duty to the family.

Eight containers of ashes have since been recovered and handed to Argyll and Bute Council.

A council spokesperson said: “Following a recent investigation by Police Scotland, we have taken eight containers of ashes, discovered on the premises of A Milne Funeral Directors, back into our care at Cardross Crematorium.

“They will remain in our safe-keeping until they can be returned to the applicants for cremation. The families have all been contacted, and a senior manager will be available to meet with them when they come to Cardross.”

Detective Inspector Gerry Shovlin, of Clydebank CID previously, said: “This is a very sensitive and emotive case and we recognise the upset and distress that families have experienced.

“Our investigation has been going on for several weeks now and will continue for some time, due to the level of inquiry that will need to be followed up.

“It is a complex inquiry that involves a number of agencies, but families can be reassured that the ashes of their loved ones are a priority and will be treated with the utmost respect.”

Police Scotland was contacted for comment.