Hotel Chocolat has launched a sale to shift a stock of 'unsold' Easter items.

The confectionary shop was forced to close their stores due to the lockdown, and has since slashed the prices on a number of their Springtime sweet treats to tempt shoppers.

What have the company said?

In a statement online, the retailer has moved to reassure those who order online, adding that warehouse staff are following the 'strictest health and safety standards'.

They said: "As a food producer and distributor, during the current emergency we are using three principles to guide us:

"In our distribution centre, we have taken careful and extreme measures to keep the team safe, putting safety ahead of profit. This means we can handle approximately half the workload of pre-virus and is why we are selling a smaller range of products and collections than usual on our web site. We will update this range on a regular basis until we can get back to offering our full range.

"However long this lasts, we intend to keep the team together with no redundancies and pay as usual. We made this commitment before the Chancellor stepped in with some support to make this easier (which is hugely appreciated).

"But we are also told by customers that it’s about morale; whether that is the joy of sending or receiving an unexpected delivery of our chocolate with a personal message from someone you love or the happy ritual of passing a box of chocolates around your family in the evening.

"The national spirit is being put to the test in all countries right now and doing our little bit to help maintain social cohesion at a distance and morale is valued and important."

What chocolates have been discounted by Hotel Chocolat?

Here are the full list of items that have been discounted on their website, and are while stocks last:

  • The All-Mellow Collection - £24
  • The No Yolking Around Collection - £19.50
  • The Happy Easter H-box - £8.41
  • The Family Favourites Collection – Caramel to Dark - £28
  • Hard-Boiled Easter Egg - Salted Caramel Chocolate - £9.75
  • The Spring Characters Collection - £22
  • The Utterly Eggcentric Collection - £20
  • The Endless Eggs Collection - £16
  • Hard-Boiled Easter Egg - Chocolate Brownie - £9.75
  • The Caramel Bunnies Collection - £10
  • Hard-Boiled Easter Egg - Mint Chocolate - £9.75
  • Hard-Boiled Easter Egg - Ginger Chocolate - £9.75
  • Hard-Boiled Easter Egg - Supermilk Chocolate - £9.75
  • Hard-Boiled Easter Egg - 100% Dark Chocolate - £9.75
  • The Spring Pick-Me-Ups Collection - £19
  • The Smiles All Round Collection - £30
  • The Easter Free-From Collection - £15
  • The Happy Bunnies Collection - £19.47
  • The Bouncing Bunnies Collection - £12.50
  • The Family Favourites Collection – Mellow - £28