A new study has revealed the country's favourite movie sex scene of all time.

The research - comissioned by online retailer OnBuy - asked 3,680 to choose their favourite movie sex scenes, as well as those they intend to try out with their partners. 

What are the results?

Brits’ favourite sex scene ever is the tense piano scene between Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in Pretty Woman.

A total of 86 per cent of Brits picked the clip as their favourite, with a total of 65 per cent who said they wanted to try it out.

Second place was the iconic car scene from Titanic. While many remember the steamy handprint, 83 per cent chose it as their favourite sex scene. Meanwhile, 79 per cent said they wanted to recreate it.

The Notebook takes third place, with the rain-kissing scene being chosen by 81 per cent, while 80 per cent of those asked want to try it.

These are followed by the pottery scene in Ghost (79 per cent), the fight scene in Mr. and Mrs. Smith (75 per cent) and the making it happen scene from No Strings Attached (74 per cent).

A list of sex scenes just wouldn’t be complete without Dirty Dancing.

Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey’s captivating performance in this cult classic was chosen by 72 per cent of Brits and placed in seventh. 

Tenth place goes to the beginning scene in the 2002 French psychological thriller Irréversible which sets temperatures soaring from the get-go, as 67 per cent enjoyed that scene, with 71 per cent who wanted to give it a go themselves. 

The full list is below: