M&S has announced the rollout of its popular checkout-free shopping technology ‘Mobile Pay Go’ to all its UK stores.

The new service means that customers all over the country can quickly buy their groceries up to £45 without visiting a till, using the M&S app on their smartphone.

The retailer says the expansion is the latest step in M&S’s efforts to deliver new digital services that will help customers shop with confidence this Christmas.

The move follows last week’s UK-wide rollout of appointment shopping service ‘Sparks Book & Shop’ – which M&S say has already facilitated over 81,000 shopping slots for customers.

How Mobile Pay Go works

According to the company, Mobile Pay Go - which is housed within the M&S app, alongside Sparks – has attracted around 20,000 new regular users since March.

To use the payment service, customers need to do the following:

1. Scan their items as they shop 

2. Pay using a pre-saved card or Apple pay (up to £45)

3. Go, without visiting a checkout

Contact-free shopping  

At the start of March, the service was being trialled in just 50 London stores.

Given extensive positive customer feedback, M&S accelerated its rollout to over 300 stores across the UK, and has now doubling that to reach full national rollout in 573 stores.

Recently M&S launched a brand-new contactless Click & Collect service, raised its contactless limit to £45, and offered contact-free home delivery on all M&S.com orders.

What have M&S said?

Helen Milford, M&S stores director said: "We want to help our customers shop with confidence – especially as we head towards Christmas - and that’s why we’ve accelerated the rollout of Mobile Pay Go to all our UK stores.

"With the current restrictions in place, making shopping as easy and efficient as possible is really important to us and to our customers.

"Mobile Pay Go helps do just that - it’s quick, contact-free and means fewer queues at our checkouts."