Olly Murs has revealed he has undergone surgery after an accident on stage during his current UK tour.

While singing at a racecourse in Newmarket, Cambridgeshire last week, a fragment of bone became lodged in the back of his knee after he jumped into the air.

Despite the surgery The Voice judge has confirmed he will be returning to stage later this month as he continues his UK tour.

Here’s what you need to know.

What happened to Olly Murs?

Singer Olly Murs recently suffered an injury during a performance. He explained that he had received surgery after a fragment of bone lodged itself in the back of his knee after jumping during a performance.

What did Olly Murs say about his accident?

The singer took to Instagram to explain to fans what had happened to him and gave an update as to his condition.

Posting a video message from hospital on Instagram, he said: "Why is Olly in the hospital bed? I’ve just had surgery on my left leg.

"For some of you who came to my Newmarket gig on Friday, thank you for your kind messages of support and just checking it was OK.

"It has been a mad 72 hours since the gig getting to this point.

"Basically after my second song, a fragment of bone that was in my knee managed, after I jumped, to lodge itself on the back of my knee which basically shut my leg down.”

Will his other performances be cancelled?

Murs is set to perform at Newbury racecourse on 15 August and at Singleton Park in Swansea on 15 August.

The singer has reassured fans that he will still be singing at these two venues on these dates, but that his performances might be a little different that normal.

He said: "During the gig I was just limping the whole time. Couldn't believe it. Basically, I am in, I have had the surgery. I wanted to get this done because of the Newbury gig on the 14th and Singleton Park on the 15th.

"I wanted to do this for you guys. It will be a different gig, I probably won’t be running around like I normally do.

"There might be a stool for me to sit down on. But I cannot cancel these gigs for you guys. It was such an amazing vibe on Friday at Newmarket so I will give it absolutely everything next week.

"It's been a mad 72 hours. I honestly thought the worst, I thought I might have done my knee again.

"I thought I had ruptured my ACL to be honest. This is great news, it really is positive.

"I'm going to stay positive and rest up for the next few days. Lots of love, everyone."

The singer then shared a picture of the pieces of bone that had been lodged in his knee writing: "What are the chances”.

In 2019 Murs previously had surgery on his knee after suffering ligament damage.