Brits enjoyed blistering heat last month as forecasters and meteorologists correctly predicted the heatwave in July which forced Public Health England to issue a heat health alert this week for the very first time.

The weather that has followed has been a mixed bag, with sunny skies interrupted by rain and thunderstorms in some areas of the UK, as Storm Evert hit last week.

Despite warning of 40C summer temperatures, another summer heatwave in 2021 seems a long way off.

Brits are hoping soaring temperatures can return once more this month.

But are weather conditions set to improve in August and will there be a heatwave?

Here’s what the Met Office has said.

What is the current weather forecast for August?

Friday (6 August) is set to see early rain over eastern Scotland moves into northern Scotland.

Otherwise, it will be a breezy, showery day with heavy - and at times thundery - showers for many, especially Scotland, northern England and Northern Ireland.

The UK Met Office outlook for Saturday (7 August) to Monday (8 August) said it will remain unsettled, with temperatures around or slightly below average.

“Sunshine and showers, slow-moving in the north, locally heavy with a risk of thunder,” added the Met Office.

The Met Office forecast for the first half of the month then predicts sunny spells and showers for many areas, with most frequent showers likely to be in the north and west.

“By the middle of next week there is an increasing likelihood of thicker cloud bringing rain to northwestern areas, together with stronger winds,” said the Met Office.

“These more unsettled conditions are then likely to spread slowly southeastwards through the latter part of next week”.

However, after this the weather is likely to remain changeable. Confidence is currently low in terms of detail, according to the Met Office, but most places will likely see showers or longer spells of rain interspersed with some drier, more settled periods.

Strong winds are also possible at times, especially in the northwest.

Temperatures are most likely to be around average, but they could perhaps warm in the east and southeast.

Will there be a heatwave in August?

Looking ahead into the second half of August, although confidence is very low through this period, the Met Office forecasts that a continuation of changeable conditions is most likely.

However, some more settled weather may develop, particularly towards the north and northeast of the UK.

“Temperatures are likely to be above average, with the potential for hotter weather later in the month with rainfall most likely below average,” the Met Office added.